Term 3 has started!

Wow it’s already Term 3! On Monday all four classes started at Rie’s Music World, including one additional Japanese class and a brand new English class.

In Term 3 we will be focusing on the voice, the most familiar instrument for everyone. If you put your hands on your throat you can feel the vibrations as you talk or sing. Vibration and sound are inseparable! All instruments, including the bassoon and violin, produce sound using vibration. Today we experimented with a reed made from a drinking straw, that works the same way as the bassoon reed. I was even able to play the bassoon with the straw reed – I was so surprised!

While we played a piece by Stephen Foster the children played along with their straw reed bassooons, but some found it hard to make the sound. One inspired young man started making a very low sound with his voice while holding the straw to his lips. The mums were laughing uncontrollably but I can’t play bassoon if I laugh! I was very proud of myself for holding it together.

This week’s composer: Stephen Foster (1826 – 1864)

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