Little teachers!

The weather in Melbourne at the moment reminds me of a Japanese word – “Sankanshion” – which means “3 days cold, 4 days warm”. It signals the coming of Spring, and I used to love this word when I was little. It also makes me feel more Japanese even though I am now living in Melbourne!


This week we played a game “Little Teachers”, where the children each had a turn coming out to the front and singing out an instruction to the class which everyone else had to follow. Even some children who were initially shy when they first joined the class wanted to come out to the front, and we could all feel how hard they were trying! The other children were so supportive of their “little teacher” friends, following the instructions diligently and applauding their amazing effort.

It was a wonderful moment for me to see the children work so hard and then run to their smiling mums for a proud cuddle!

This week’s composer was Luigi Boccherini (1743 – 1805).

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