The Magic of Repetition

After acquiring a bunk bed this this week I was finally able to experience a night when neither my daughter nor son got up! After 5 years of getting up every night it was a dream come true. My body had trained itself to wake up so often that sometimes I woke up for no reason at all! I’m sure many of you have had this experience.

In the class our little musicians have become more and more familiar with the songs, and now it was time to challenge them with some music notation.

After seeing the music staff every week they were already very familiar with it, and we used Lego Duplo blocks to show where the notes are. When asked where “DO” was we could put the block in the right place on the music. Listening to the sound and pitch of the violin we moved the block up or down, sometimes flying off the page and into the sky!

The last composer in July was Henryk Wieniawski (1835 – 1880). Everyone sat in their seats while Patrick gave a mini concert.

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