Treasure hunt!

At the start of every class we bow and greet everyone, and I am so glad that recently all of the children are able to greet very well, standing up straight and calling with a clear voice. Greetings are very important for all of us at any age, and I hope it can become a natural skill for all of our children.


This week we went on an exciting treasure hunt, using a map created with music! We climbed a mountain, jumped through a rocky passageway and crawled through a mysterious tunnel. Finally we found the treasure – the kazoo!

This interesting instrument may seem very simple, but it does not work if you just blow into it, you have to sing! The parents also wanted to see if they could make a sound, asking to borrow the kazoo from their children (not easy in some cases!). It was a fun and very noisy classroom after that.

The composer this week was Rentaro Taki (1879 – 1903), and Patrick played the song “Flower” which was familiar to many from their school days.

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