Thank you Jacqueline and Simon!

Yesterday we had our Special Class for Term 3 with over 100 people attending two classes. Thank you all for coming on your precious public holiday!

DSC 06130 (2 ) (1)


Soprano Jacqueline Porter along with pianist Simon Stone showed us the incredible range and capabilities of the human voice, and at first I was surprised by the amazing sound of Jacqueline, completely different from our untrained singing voice. Many of us were in tears after the first song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

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When I started Rie’s Music World I really wanted to give children (and their parents) the experience of the true power of music, and with the sublime sound world that the wonderful Jacqueline Porter and Simon Stone created at this Special Class it seems that all who attended were able to take away something that they will never forget.

Even now I can still hear “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in my head, and I’m sure I am not the only one! Thank you so much Jacqueline and Simon.

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