Violin showcase!

This week Anne-Marie Johnson, one of Australia’s finest young violinists, came to play for us. Anne-Marie recently returned from postgraduate study in Geneva and was preparing for the Bartok World Violin Competition, an international competition for violinists under the age of 30, held in Hungary over the next two weeks.

Anne-Marie played many difficult pieces for us, each between 6 and 11 minutes long, and despite the concerns of some mums many of the children were able to concentrate well, sitting quietly throughout the performance.

The ability to focus on one thing is developed gradually, and whether it is driving, cooking or learning a musical instrument it is an essential skill in our daily lives. I was so glad to see the children so involved and concentrated, and I hope that the wonderful music and Anne-Marie’s beautiful playing will be an experience that will stay in their memories. We wish Anne-Marie all the best for her performances over the next two weeks!

Special Class with Jacqueline Porter is on September 29, tickets available here.


This week’s music:
Bach – Unaccompanied Violin Sonata No.1 in G minor: Adagio
Bartok – Rhapsody No.2 (excerpt)
Bartok – Sonata for Solo Violin: 1st movement
Saint-Saëns – Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso

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