Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons

All ages

Learning a musical instrument is a life-long journey that requires dedication and commitment but also develops mental, physical and emotional skills that benefit all aspects of life.  

Our teachers have all taken this journey and believe that the fine balancing of the love of music and the consistency of practising the instrument is essential to enable children to reach their potential.  Setting realistic goals and giving gentle, positive feedback encourages motivation and makes the journey rewarding and enjoyable.  

As parents we also understand the challenges of consistent practice.  We tailor our lessons for each child and through their individual interests we find ways to slowly build up the habit of daily practice, making sure that they always enjoy the process.

We currently offer private lessons for piano, violin, vocal and bassoon (see teachers).  If you would like to enquire about lessons on different instruments we can recommend qualified professional teachers to contact.

For more information on private instrumental lessons please contact us.