Music Class

Music Class

Age: 3 - 5 years
Mondays at 10:30am and 11:30am (45 mins)


Our voice is the instrument that everyone is born with, and for children singing is the first way they can express themselves through music. Songs can extend their imagination with both music and words, while developing listening skills and the ability to sing at the correct pitch.

  • Helps language comprehension
  • Extends memory
  • Develops listening skills and sound/pitch sensitivity


For children making their own musical instruments develops their understanding of how instruments work and how the sound is created. Craft also cultivates their concentration and develops fine motor skills.

  • Develops concentration and focus
  • Increases interest and understanding of music and instruments
  • Develops listening skills and following direction


The experience of playing instruments and listening to the sound that they are making is something all children enjoy. Whether it is piano, drums or handbells, playing music is a powerful way to develop concentration, coordination and listening skills.

  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Improves sense of rhythm
  • Extends listening and communication skills


Becoming familiar with musical notation eases the transition to instrument training, and there are many fun ways to learn how to read music. Many different styles and periods of music are introduced, as well as the composers and stories behind the music.

  • Deepens understanding of music
  • Eases transition to instrument training

Music Class is run by Rie-sensei and Risa-sensei, with occasional visits from Patrick-sensei.